Why not tea!

Tea is the most loved drink in the world after water. It goes as far as thousands of years ago for natural remedies. Through time it has involved into not only an addiction, but also health beneficent. There are several kinds of teas and everyone has its own advantage and disadvantages. You can find all kind of teas to drink for yourself or to gift to your loved ones at different tea companies in UAE. These assure the best of tea. But makes sure you are not overly addicted to tea and know when to stop or know you limits. After all tea is an addiction and just like every addiction, it may be worst to your health than you think.

If you are a tea lover, you have surely heard someone say that tea is not good for your health and you probably have found a billion justifications, studies and researches to show that tea is actually health beneficent! But here are a few reason why you should limit your and know the disadvantages!

  • You know that tea contains flavonoids which are very important to your health, but little did you know that flavonoid acts as a barrier in absorbing the iron us intake! If you take tea with foods that are rich in iron like beans or green vegetables along with dairy products, the absorption of iron will decrease in your body. To avoid this, it is advisable to take tea during meals only and add a lemon to your tea to maximize the absorption of iron
  • Tea contains high amounts of caffeine. Not as much as coffee, but excessive amounts of caffeine in your system can make you nervous, jittery, and nauseated and cause insomnia and irregular heartbeats. In the long term your brain may start to get damaged with extra caffeine. People with a heavy intake of tea do not realize the amount of caffeine they are indirectly taking in.
  • Plain tea does not contain sugars but iced teas and readymade teas contain a lot of sugar. And access sugar is bad for the human system. It may damage the pancreas and cause diabetes. Excess sugar can also increase your weight and cause several organ damages. As we all know that sugar has no nutritional value, it is important to cut down sugar form our lives and tea does not help in doing that at all!
  • You find the rich tea color very appealing your cup but you wouldn’t want the same colour to be on your teeth would you? Unfortunately, it is bound to happen if you keep a high intake of tea. Tea can stain your teeth and make them darker and browner. Make sure to brush your teeth immediately after taking tea or drink water to flush your mouth.

Tea can be highly addictive thanks to the caffeine it contains. Make sure that your selection to tea addiction is the correct one. You don’t want sugary, fatty, milky and creamy teas to be your addiction!