Herbal Teas

‚ÄčHerbal teas

Healthy Harvest

The tea provides overall immunity support, improves physical sustainability and increases resistance to negative environmental factors. Ingredients: bergenia leaves, black currant leaves, maral root, prairieweed sprouts, blackberries, black currants, wild strawberries, tick trefoil root, nettle leaves, seabuckthorn.

100g / $10

Herbal Fields

The mix can be used as an anti-inflammatory additive, providing anti-infective and anti spastic impact. Ingredients: nettle leaves, bush basil grass, camomile flowers, yarrow leaves, calendula.

100g / $11

Wild Garden

The tea was created for stress relief, insomnia treatment, relaxation and anxiety release. Ingredients: balm leaves, rose bay grass, hawthorn fruits, hops cones, peppermint leaves, bush basil grass.

100g / $13

Precious Meadows

The brew stabilizes coronary blood circulation and cardiac rhythm. Ingredients: hawthorn fruits, wild strawberry leaves, valerian roots, clover grass and flowers, raspberry leaves, ziziphora grass, raspberries, wild strawberries.

100g / $12

Spring Dew

The mix is used against endocrine disorders development and blood hypostasis. Ingredients: black berry sprouts and leaves, burdock roots, nettle leaves, black currant leaves, chickory root, galega grass, nardus root, brier fruits, Irish daisy root.

100g / $10

Mountain Weed

The drink is helpful for metabolism regulation, digestion normalization and improvement of carbohydrate process. Ingredients: black currant leaves, dried black currant, agrimony grass, black berry sprouts, nardus root, camomile flowers.

100g / $14