Right resources at right time

Raqam consultancy was established in 2011 by Dr Hassan Bayrakadar. He is a degree holder of the subject of Chemistry. He has a lot of experience regarding the food dealing, management of food regulations and consultation of the food regulatory affairs for Arab. As for the consultancy, this person has got the experience of 18 years. He is the only person which almost all the officials of the UAE can trust regarding the consultancy, and before the Raqam was established this person was the affair manager of the food regulatory.

How to start a successful business

The reason that he has gained so much popularity among the people of UAE is due to the qualities which every consultant should have, and they include:

  • Time management
  • Knowledge expert
  • Good listening skills
  • Professionalism Experience
  • Responsible
  • Good communication skills

If you are considering on growing your business or you are starting a new food business then you should consult Raqam because they can give you with the best food business solutions. With a comprehensive grasp over the ups and downs a business can face if it is not compliant to standards you can easily get the thorough knowledge while expanding enormously in UAE by the help of regulating affair consultancy in the Abu Dhabi.

Name you can Trust

You can contact them and for sure you will find them very helpful and they will surely help you with all the business solutions, as doing a business in the UAE is not an easy thing to do because it requires following the strict rules of the state. Many regulatory officers will impose such type of rules about which you are not aware of, and it is really necessary to follow all the restrictions imposed by the Arabs as you are going to work on their homeland now. They can help you out with many of the possible solutions which includes:

  • They will surely assist you with the issues related to authorities and make the understand your problems and concerns.
  • They will help you in development and implementation of any new standard which a officers of regulatory have set in Dubai
  • They will pledge your case in front of authorities by modifying and improving standards which can meet market needs and the desires of authorities.
  • They will guide you through business expansion with the help of market research, regulatory compliance and emphasizing the demand of market.
  • The development in the laws will be delivered to you immediately so that you can keep your products up-to-date.

In short, they will help you out in every aspect concerning the regulating affairs. To get you updated for the changes which are being made in the regulating affairs.

Raqam Consultancy is the only consultants which you can completely trust in UAE. They will help you to get the right resources at right time. They will provide you with the legal guidance that you require. They will not leave you on your own, but they will always be there for you in your hard time because it is their duty to get you out of any problem.

For sure their success lies in taking care of their clients. They are devoted to their duties and that is the reason if you are going to consult them then you have to forget about the problem regarding the food regulations, moreover, they set their clients on priority. They strive for excellence. Our integrity is based on the clients’ trust.